I ran into my first negative experience on elance. I’m new to this world, I don’t understand everything they are talking about, and when I responded to an ad asking for someone to read and comment on other peoples’ blogs to bring in traffic I assumed it was a networking job.


Sort of like what I do here. I find blogs similar to my likes, writing, I go out and read the blogs, follow the people, and comment on their blog to start a conversation. I make friends but also increase the traffic to my blog. I mean, I look at the people who comment on other people’s blogs I follow and go look at that person’s blog.


Of course I also continue to read the blogs I follow but it sounded like this person wanted someone to begin this entire process for them. With the promise of continued to work in the future.


I totally missed my mark on this. After I had accepted the job I got the dirty details they wanted me to do.


Spam blogs.



That’s right, they gave me a link to their website they wanted me to hide in my comments. So I was to go out, read the blogs, respond to the blogs in a way that when I put the link into the comment it would be accepted instead of going into the rejection file.

I know, you’re probably all going into your spam folder now to see if I spammed you but IT WASN’T ME. I had to look at blogs I would otherwise not be interested in. Mainly the Business world and Marketing.

I know a lot about Marketing now.

But they wanted me to do this to 1000 blogs. It took almost 14 hours just to get to 200. Not only was this A LOT of work I wasn’t getting paid very much for, but it was unethical. I began to get physically sick. Especially since I said it would only take me a week to do the job.

So I called the friend who told me to join elance in the first place going WHAT DO I DO?! I didn’t want to get a negative review, I just started, that could ruin my career before I even began.

She told me I could always cancel a job. All I had to do was write a nice email that put the blame on me and there wouldn’t be any hard consequences.

I did. And it really was my fault, I thought I could do the job, I couldn’t. I didn’t have the time or the energy to follow through with what I promised.

I left out I didn’t know I was spamming. At first the guy was offering to pay me for the work I did do but after I gave him the passwords to all the fake account I had created, he split. Whatever. I really do wish all the best to him and his company.

So, I did look into my spam folder at all the poor spammers. I wanted to send them messages that said, “I UNDERSTAND YOUR PAIN!”

Don’t hate on those spammers but feel just a little bad for them. They’re doing A LOT of work, and they’re not getting paid much to do it. Show ‘em just a little love.


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