Job Accepted!



I know, you’re all wondering, how much does it pay? Are you rich yet? Can you afford that very expensive family vacation to the Big Island Hawaii?


Eh… not even close.

But I did get my first job and it is a step in the right direction. I wrote an advertisement to an iPhone app. Not hugely exciting, but the type of app it was allowed me to be dirty. To be steamy. To write in a way that makes you think the app is winking at you while you read it.


Hey there sexy, come buy me now, lets get steamy together.


No, it wasn’t a porn app. But I did it and I got paid for it. It made me feel quite pleased with myself. It was also writing in a way I’m not use to writing anymore.


It also didn’t take that long for my job to be accepted. At first when I was doing this I figured I would never be hired because people bid so low. I’m sorry; I’m not going to write your 500 word article for $3. That’s insane. Kiss my ass. People were bidding THAT LOW.


I’m battling against people in India, Philippines, Indonesia, countries where $3 can buy you a lot. I’m thinking, there is no way I’m going to make anything on this website.

I got the job though. Apparently I know the right things to say. I can’t say what those right things are, I really just speak with my heart and how I feel on the matter, but it all goes in the right direction.

So happy dance all of you!




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