I’ve decided that I obviously have too much time on my hands to finish my novel.


I decided to sign up on after my friend explained to me, at gun point, I could find a way to make some extra cash each month writing.


Elance is the place to be if you want to be a freelancer. You sign up for free, you’re give 40 ‘bids’ per month, you have to go through some crazy loops to prove you’re who you say you are, and bam! Start working immediately.



More like slit your wrist, the wrong way, and beg for attention.


I’m being (slightly) over-dramatic.


People post jobs and you respond with a proposal, using a bid, watch as 20-50 other people respond to that same proposal, and begin to understand what it must feel like to submit anything to an editor/agent/publishing house. May the rejection begin!


It really isn’t that bad. The first job I ever bid on was an editing job for a Romance Novel. I didn’t get it, but the author did respond to me. We had a delightful chat back and forth via e-mail, until she told me that she was going to go with another editor. We wished each other the best and went our separate ways.


I worked on better-ing my profile after that. Elance has a number of tests you can take to show you are qualified for what you say you are qualified for. I passed two of the tests with flying colors, they’re 40 minutes long and you must make over 80 to pass, and on the third (I think because I took it right after I did one) I bombed out. No worries though, they make you wait two weeks and you can take it again.


I did ignore elance for quite sometime and then I took my daughter to the dentist. She has four cavities, our insurance covers the majority of the fillings but the total still comes to $160. I have to get my teeth done, wisdom teeth removed, and I’m sorry I will not be awake for the procedure. I can’t imagine what the cost is going to be.

It hits me; I’m that penniless writer. Not saying we are dirt poor, we live well within our means, and we can afford all of the above, but I want a vacation. I want to travel again. I want to have the money to enjoy life!

So I log onto elance and decide to start this all up again.


I’ve decided to blog about it to.


It’s nice to finally figure out what I’m going to make this blog about. Welcome to the world of the starving, freelancer, writer who will one day finish her best selling, mind-blowing, novel.

PS. I love Neil Gaiman. So, so much.


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  1. -raises a glass of water in honour- Cheers to that.

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