Remember, Bombs don’t kill people. People with bombs kill people.

Yesterday my Facebook exploded with people holding tight to their guns, again. The government would have to pry that assault rifle, only used for hunting deer, from their dead fingers. Automatically I assumed there was another horrible shooting somewhere in the United States.

Then I read further down and realized that it was a bomb. Two bombs had gone off during the Boston Marathon and I was horrified.


Shortly after I got angry. I can’t stay in horrified mode or sad mode that long. It isn’t my nature, I’m a red head Taurus, and we get mad.


The first thing half of American people say to someone using a bomb to injure others is no one is getting their gun.


I have this fantastic picture in my head of all these gun-loving men standing around a bomb and pointing their loaded weapon at it.


Surely the bomb knows it has a gun pointed at it so it shouldn’t explode.


I don’t understand how the argument of guns can come in when someone used a bomb. It was a matter of time before the deranged realized just how easy and effective a bomb is.


No one is going to take your gun. Some of you I don’t think should own a gun, I don’t think I should own a gun but I’ve got two in my household. 


Someone wrote on Facebook, “I thought bombs were illegal at events like this.”


This man owns a gun.


I’m baffled by the evil that went on yesterday. Many lost their limbs, their lives, and that spark of innocence. We are all shaken to the core because it doesn’t seem like the world is giving us any rest with all these tragedies.


But to fight violence with more violence isn’t solving the problem. It fuels the fight. I’ve never called myself anti-anything. I’m Pro-Love, I’m Pro-Choice. A negative and a negative don’t equal a positive.

I held my children a little closer last night. I tucked them in, my daughter sang me her newest song, my son spit-up all over me before passing out. Then I called my husband who is currently away at training.

My husband works as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal Tech in the Marine Corps. He told me it was a matter of time before people started using bombs instead of guns. We had a very intense and deep debate over everything that happened. And my loving husband ended the conversation on a strangely positive note for him,


“Well, this just gave me job security for the rest of my life.”


That’s the sad truth of America today but it doesn’t have to be a reality for tomorrow. 


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